Fashion Loves Fitness And Fitness Loves Fashion

Women today are often extremely busy. Some women juggle careers, families, children, relationships, social lives, fitness and hobbies all at once. This means, that there isn't always time to hit the gym and then run home to change your clothes. For some reason, there is a fashion design myth that a person can't pull off looking fashionable while wearing functional exercise gear. Well guess what fashion lovers... This is NOT TRUE! There are plenty of ways to get fit in comfy, exercise gear and still look cute. Sure, the look won't be red-carpet ready, but there IS such a thing as the casual/glamorous look... Here are a few awesome fashion tips for trendy exercise gear. And remember, if you don't use it, you'll lose it!

If you're meeting someone for coffee or drinks right before or after your workout, then stick with some basic exercise options. Try pairing simple black leggings with a fitted, white t-shirt and sneakers for a comfortable workout option. Then, just throw on a cool sweater or hoodie over your t-shirt after the workout, and change from sneakers to boots or casual heels. Voila! You're all set for a social date, and you got your exercise in too.

Black leggings are almost always acceptable to wear while working out OR socializing, but if you want to spice your look up even more, grab yourself a pair of jeggings, or jean-style leggings. These are just cloth and elastic leggings with a pattern that is made to look like denim. You'd be surprised at how many people you'll fool with your jeggings, and all the while you'll be free to move around and SO comfortable!

If you like to sweat your prayers out while working out, then a sports-bra might be a better option for your exercise needs. And how might you turn a simple sports-bra into a fashion masterpiece? Try getting yourself day-glo and neon-colored sports-bras that will really stand out in a crowd. If you want to get REALLY creative, try tie-dying your own designs on plain white bras. This looks is great because the extra brightness will surely attract all kinds of positive attention to you while you're doing your thing on the treadmill. Plus, after your workout, you can throw on a sheer tank or tee and everyone will see a hint of the rainbow underneath...

Who says you have to look sloppy or drabby while getting your exercise in?