Red, White and Beautiful - Fashion School Tips For Showing Off Patriotic Colors on the 4th of July

Oh, say can you see - all the people wearing red, white and blue? Every 4th of July, Americans eagerly sport the colors of the flag to express their patriotism. But fashionistas also wonder if they can wear red, white and blue without looking like Uncle Sam, or a parade float. Fellow Americans, it is indeed possible, as these fashion school tips demonstrate. So this Independence Day, show your patriotism - and your fashion savvy - 'til the dawn's early night.

Try muted colors. According to fashion design experts, wearing more than one intense color at the same time creates a "loud" look that is unflattering. So go for muted versions of our patriotic colors. Instead of wearing bright red, try cranberry, burgundy, or even soft pink. And the more neutral hues of navy, indigo or heather blue look much better on most people than royal blue. That's why jeans work so well; the muted denim complements almost any color, bright or subdued.

Allow one color to dominate. When you wear equal amounts of red, white and blue, it tends to look costumey. So let one color dominate, and allow the other colors to play back-up. For example, a red sundress can carry the day, accented by blue sandals. Or wear a blue shirt, with just a hint of a red ringer tee underneath. You can even go monochromatic. Imagine how dramatic an all-white pantsuit would look in the sea of patriotic outfits.

Let freedom bling. Go patriotic with your jewelry. And we don't mean a flag pin, either. A strand of white pearls looks stunning against anything red. And turquoise blue bracelets add just the punch you need with a white blouse or slacks. After all, your red, white and blue elements don't have to be articles of clothing.

Mix red, white and blue with other colors. In fashion design, it's all about balance, so introduce some neutrals into the mix for a more pleasing color palette. Even the brightest red or blue blazer looks fashionable when paired with a charcoal grey skirt or slacks. Oddly enough, by adding additional colors to the mix, the patriotic colors can stand out even more.

Play with patterns. Red, white and blue look particularly stylish, and less like a flag, when they're incorporated into prints like florals or plaids. Besides, these cheery prints are so essential to any summer wardrobe. Stay away from stars or stripes, however, or you'll look like you're about to do a tap number in the town square.

With these fashion tips, you'll be sure to create fireworks at your 4th of July gathering.